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A thought on the driver situation at Williams

There was an interesting tweet from Barrichello yesterday late at night. He said “lot’s of rumors my friends…we will need to wait until I can say something here …working so hard to have a competitive car next year”. I think thats a positive sign in the meaning that either he was told “we haven’t made up our minds, so keep working” or “you should do this and that to keep the seat”.

Add to that the quote from Toto Wolff at Krone Zeitung telling that “There will be a strategic decision” and that more options are there meaning that Sutil, Rubens, Kimi, Bianchi and Bottas are in the run (and probably also more people like van de Garde).

The story from was also interesting and we should have a look at. Since Bottas is scheduled to have a go at the Young Driver Days at Abu Dhabi and he hasn’t properly tested for Williams it seems that we should not await any news at Abu Dhabi as reported/wished.

The question is what the strategic decision will be based on. Have the Grove people made up their minds on the criteria to pick up the driver or not? I believe this will take a while, namely after season end. We will see.

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The truth on Kubica’s new operation

You may have read reports that Robert Kubica is about to have another operation, according to the story coming from La Gazzetta dello Sport. He has already made a handful of operations.

Truth is that this is a planned one and the purpose of it is to remove the pins and not to restore something that it isn’t functioning properly. Robert has already driven a road car and these are positive signs. Of course a road car and an F1 car are not comparable, but we have to wait and see what happens.


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Do you believe that Kubica will come back?

Poll time! Do you think Kubica will come back?

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