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The scenario for the STR drivers of 2012

The team of Scuderia Toro Rosso is in a good position to picking up driver of a big pool, the RB one. Count the names of Alguersuari, Buemi, Ricciardo, Vergne and count the available seats. We have only two.

This year RB found the money to give Ricciardo a drive and monitor him at HRT. It’s not a secret that Red Bull wants to evaluate and pick the best possible replacement for Mark Webber for 2013, so in order to pick “secure” I imagine they should have a clear picture of them all. Buemi started in 2009 and Alguersuari in mid 2009 replacing Bourdais at the Hungarian GP at that time. But drivers are evaluated as things are getting hard. This year we had a new major factor in the name of the tyres. According to people close to the situation Jaime gained the trust of Marko with his methodology and way of finding solutions to the tyre problems. This was something that gave him plus points.

The HRT connection looks like it will continue to operate. Tonio Liuzzi has a multi year contract with the Spanish team, so there is a second seat available. The question is if Ricciardo has matched the expectations from RB. Sofar it doesn’t look that way. Last years Abu Dhabi tests raised big expectations but things look as they haven’t moved as forward as wished. But all depends on Thesan Capital and what they want to do. Its hard to imagine that they will go with a driver purely by their wish. The will look for a “pay driver” and RB is a good connection.

Since RBR has placed Vergne to do their young driver test, they are showing clear signs they do count him in. The safe bet to keep his seat is Jaime. So the music chair game is for the rest. If Vergne does good then the one who will be out in the cold seems to be Buemi. Looks like Daniel Ricciardo will get another shot at a race seat with most possible scenario the STR one.


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