Mallya is playing with the words

08 Nov

There is long talk about how Vijjay Mallya is handling the situations. The whole thing started in Japan when Joe Saward wrote in his blog first a while back that Force India was about to be sold. Mallya came back with an announcement on 7th of October telling that “I was shocked to read a media report that I am selling the Force India Formula One team” and a couple of days later we were informed that Sahara Group joined the team. Five days later it was announced that Sahara Group joined the team with 42.5% shares mentioning that “that it had subscribed to new shares in the F1 team and has an equal stake with Mallya”.

For me it’s obvious that Mallya is playing with the words. He didn’t sell; he hasn’t received any money for this move. New shares were issues and Sahara Group bought them.

Fast forward there were some reports, and I tweeted them in advance with confirmation coming from well respected that Force India picked the drivers for 2012, namely Hulkenberg and di Resta. Sutil according to his manager didn’t had any information from Mallya on the drivers future.

As quoted two days ago there is an interesting scenario mentioned in mentioning that Mallya is holding Sutil on the waiting line to see whats going to happen with Rosberg. Nico hasn’t got a contract with Mercedes for 2012 and by that and until he settles with a team (Mercedes most probably, since Montezemolo and Domenicali confirmed again Massa for 2012), he needs to have a backup plan and this is to keep Sutil. Just to note is that a Sutil was at the Force India factory yesterday to have a seat fitting for his new car, which is a normal procedure at this point of the season. So Mallya is saying the truth again by mentioning that “We haven’t decided on our drivers yet”. As I read it looks like “We haven’t decided because we don’t know If we have to let di Resta go to Mercedes or not. We have to see what Nico Rosberg will be doing. So it will a Hulk-di Resta or Hulk-Sutil lineup”.

One sharp spotter in India noticed that where ever there was an F1 advert regarding Force India two drivers were shown. And you are right, Sutil was not under them.

Post India he said that he will announce something before Abu Dhabi. Here we are and this might take some time he said. It’s obvious that he’s waiting for something to happen.

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