Press Conference and Kimi questions

11 Nov

Here is what the transcript is saying on the questions regarding Kimi

Q: Frank, again a bit like Mercedes there have been a lot of staff changes within the Williams team. What are your thoughts on the changes for next year – personnel, engines, even drivers.

FW: Well the engine choice we felt will be the right one. We have long-term memories with Renault and they have always served Formula One and ourselves extremely well. Various other personnel changes within the company. We will see how they work. I think it would be inappropriate for me to describe what is expected of any one individual.

Q: And drivers as well?

FW: Not clear exactly who will be in both cars. I am sure Pastor (Maldonado) will be in one car. Rubens (Barrichello) maybe, we haven’t really made up our minds what we want to do before we talk to Rubens.

Q: (Heikki Kulta –Turun Sanomat) Frank, 10 years ago you were interested in getting Kimi (Raikkonen) to your team. Now, 10 years later are you still interested to get him now you can do so?

FW: I knew this would come up. But my view, as you might well expect, goes as follows: a lot of supposition and I cannot make any comment about supposition, sorry to be so unhelpful.

Q:Are you following his rally career?

FW: I am not a rally fan.

Q: (Joe Saward – Grand Prix Special) Just to follow up on that question. Martin and Stefano, Kimi drove for both of you, what advice would you give to Frank on this subject?

MW: Try and sign him. Kimi, we all know he is quick. I think people underestimate how intelligent he can be. I hope that he is hungry. I am sure he hasn’t lost the capability to thrill us in Formula One so I think it would be fantastic for Formula One. I wouldn’t ordinarily presume to advise Sir Frank who he should sign but I think it would be exciting if he did.

SD: Of course, I would not give any advice to Frank. He has long experience. A lot longer than me. For sure, I know Kimi very well. He is very talented, very strong, and if he wants to come back he has something that wants to show to everyone about him, about the fact that he was the last driver to win the World Championship with us and he will want to show he is still one of the strongest.

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