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The Kubica scenario following the comments of Boullier

Suppose you have read what Eric Boullier has told Autosport about Kubica. Note that "If it has to be during the course of next year, why not?", so don’t count out the scenario I placed in the poll regarding him making Friday appearances and evaluate the situation then.

He also said : "I think the problem is that October was the key month for him to make sure that he could be back in February. Unfortunately I think he is not ready now, this is why he is missing the month and he is working very hard to catch back. But the October month was the key one to make sure that we could commit for next year and the first race"

So … he wont he ready for February tests. The most possible scenario is that Petrov and Grosjean will start the season with Kubica making some sort of Friday appearances when he’s capable to do that.


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The future of Adrian Sutil

The driver market is still open and the situation is far from clear. One of the drivers with his future still unknown is Adrian Sutil. Adrian was speaking to RTL before the start of the race and he told that he will know his future very soon, probably next week. I contacted Adrians manager, Manfred Zimmerman who told me that : "We should know before Brazil where we will sign for 2012".

There aren’t many options around for a race seat. If you look at the situation like it is now only Force India, Williams, Team Lotus/Caterham and HRT have a race seat available for next year. Officially the Lotus seat is reserved for Jarno but as we mentioned the situation doesn’t look good for him with multiple sources indicating that he will be out of 2012. Lets see what comes out of this one …

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Charles Pic wont test for Team Lotus

Team Lotus announced that : Team Lotus has confirmed that Rodolfo Gonzalez will be joining Alexander Rossi and Luiz Razia for the Abu Dhabi young driver test at the Yas Marina Circuit, 15th –17th November 2011.

Its to note that Pic is not among the drivers, something that tallies with the news that he signed with Marussia.

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