The Kubica scenario following the comments of Boullier

14 Nov

Suppose you have read what Eric Boullier has told Autosport about Kubica. Note that "If it has to be during the course of next year, why not?", so don’t count out the scenario I placed in the poll regarding him making Friday appearances and evaluate the situation then.

He also said : "I think the problem is that October was the key month for him to make sure that he could be back in February. Unfortunately I think he is not ready now, this is why he is missing the month and he is working very hard to catch back. But the October month was the key one to make sure that we could commit for next year and the first race"

So … he wont he ready for February tests. The most possible scenario is that Petrov and Grosjean will start the season with Kubica making some sort of Friday appearances when he’s capable to do that.


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8 responses to “The Kubica scenario following the comments of Boullier

  1. deadbeef (@0xdefacedbeef)

    14 Nov, 2011 at 15:54

    One thing: Some months ago, Morelli said that situation when Kubica is ready for drive and can participate only FP is not acceptable and that if not LRGP then other team. That’s the fact. But the environment of Kubica talks through hands that the rehabilitation slowed down… So Morelli could probably change his approach. There are many possible scenarios, we must wait and see what happens next. By the way, after the Brazilian GP Kubica-LRGP contract expires…

    • Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

      14 Nov, 2011 at 15:57

      Lotus wants to keep with Kubica. Practically noone can sign him up if they dont know if he will be back or not. Its too much of a risk. Boullier outlined that they want to keep him and having an opportunity with him for the future.

  2. deadbeef (@0xdefacedbeef)

    14 Nov, 2011 at 16:22

    Some time ago (last month) some pics of Kubica were shown in the internet. His hand was bandaged and the outside stabilizer was also there. And after that, polish radio ‘trojka’ had a speech with prof Igor Rossello who told us that – one second, his hand is not in bandages since july! To much pr talks my friends. The wall of silence is huge. Dimitris, do You know something about the joint statement of Kubica and LRGP ?
    Morelli officially said that it will occur.

    • Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

      14 Nov, 2011 at 16:24

      I will ask for you … A joint statement could mean that he might continue with the team, something that Boullier mentioned

  3. deadbeef (@0xdefacedbeef)

    14 Nov, 2011 at 16:26

    Thanks Dimitris!

  4. Ellen Parker (@F1Ellen)

    14 Nov, 2011 at 19:28

    Everyone is contradicting each other & Boullier is not giving straight enough answers

  5. Teretto

    15 Nov, 2011 at 20:56

    Hi Dimitris,

    Great site!

    Lot of talk today linking Kubica with Ferrari for a 2013, possible mid 2012 drive, any little birds talking from your end?

    • Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

      15 Nov, 2011 at 21:16

      Hi! See what Saward just wrote.

      Now … I think that Robert will be kept by Lotus next year with Ferrari not having an option on him, so we will see then what happens. I don’t think that Ferrari will get him with this uncertainty regarding his future.

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