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Petrov criticizes his team … but in Russia!

Petrov was one of the drivers that was loyal to his team. I don’t recall any interview of him telling something bad against LRGP. But it seems that all has been kept for the Russian TV. I don’t understand Russian but with the help of the Google translation I found something spicy.

There is a post at (link below) with an interview of him at Russian TV. In this interview Petrov was heavily criticizing the team by telling that in the first races things started to play out good for LRGP but then the downhill came. From what I understood he told that the team changed almost everything and the gain didn’t come. "Almost more than ten races we have absolutely nothing, that is, in fact, we’re going on the machine, which started the season" was mentioned with the help of the Google translation.

“I couldn’t say in the interviews that we lost during pit stops, unfortunately. I can’t say about that now neither but for that matter I can’t keep silent anymore, it’s over. I can’t keep everything inside too”, said Petrov.

The story is here ( Anyone that can help with translation or if someone saw that interview it would be very welcome to contribute to this.


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Interesting stories …

There are some interesting stories on the web. I came up to some good stuff coming from Joe Sawards blog.

The first one is regarding the Charles Pic and the fact that he signed for Marussia. One interesting part is that the Robertsons asked for team equity, probably to match any salary demands. The other interesting piece is the one on Mercedes and the fact that Sutil may have a chance there and the last one is on Kubica.

Your thoughts on these are welcome …

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