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de la Rosa joins HRT, and now what?

The de la Rosa move to HRT was for many a surprise. The Spaniard had an offer but he wasn’t very keen to go down this path. Seems that things changed rapidly in the last days and he will drive for 2y at HRT. Pedro is a highly rated "development" driver but the questionmark remains on how he could help the teams are not allowed to test in season. Don’t forget that he started with Sauber in 2010 but he was shown the way out mid-season.

The question is who will be next to him. Tonio Liuzzi has a contract for next year, but we saw many times that contracts doesn’t tell much these days. Of course in the pole position we do have Liuzzi, but if things doesn’t go this way then we might see the option of HRT giving away the seat as they did with Ricciardo this year.


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