Thoughts on the Kubica statement

23 Nov

Wanted to point out couple of points on the Kubica statement. First of all it points out that "Robert Kubica to miss start of the 2012 season". Having said that I assume that if he is able to drive we may see him in Friday appearances in order to get the rhythm and the 2012 changes on all the car features. Next point is "Of course, Robert will remain a member of the LRGP family in 2012 and he is already, through his management, holding talks about renewing his contract for the following season." So they are about to extend his contract and putting a dot at the Ferrari (and probably not only Ferraris) wish to have a car ready and test him out.

And finally "Lotus Renault GP will start assessing its options and will evaluate the most suitable candidate to drive from the first 2012 winter testing session". So Petrov’s seat is in no threat.


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3 responses to “Thoughts on the Kubica statement

  1. deadbeef (@0xdefacedbeef)

    24 Nov, 2011 at 18:14

    So, after the news from Morelli this day (or impact – call it as You want it) – I’m really curious what Boulier will say in Brazil. You can read the thoughts on that from Mikolaj Sokol on his blog:
    Unfortunately, Sokol deos not follow Dimitris’ way to translate his thoughts to english. But I can do it if somebody had such need. It’s worth to mention that he is a friend of Robert and everybody knows that “he knows things”.


    • Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

      24 Nov, 2011 at 18:42

      Can you please tell us what he is mentioning?

  2. krisgent

    24 Nov, 2011 at 22:20

    he says that Robert never said he will not be ready to race in 2012 altough he ight be not ready for the first tests in February. he also says he is on his way out fro LRGP with ost probable option being Ferrari. some says Red Bull too.

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