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McLaren Video – Two drivers, four epic challenges!

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Analysis: Rotary Dampers | Scarbsf1’s Blog

Analysis: Rotary Dampers | Scarbsf1’s Blog.

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Analysis: Abu Dhabi Test – 2012 Exhausts | Scarbsf1’s Blog

Analysis: Abu Dhabi Test – 2012 Exhausts | Scarbsf1's Blog.

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Manager games … By Daniele Morelli

Managers are playing the hard game in order to ‘protect’ their drivers interest. Thats their job. But some times strange things happen. Over the year there was quite a small conflict … Lets see some key points :

Monday, May 30th 2011: Article from Autosport

Last week Renault team co-owner Gerard Lopez told Spanish radio station Onda Cerothat Kubica was unlikely to return in 2011, saying: “we’ll probably get him to test on a Friday at some point during the year, but I’m sure his return is not possible this year.” …

“I think you have to ask Lopez why he made such a statement that is in clear opposition to what the specialists are saying,” Morelli told Reuters and Polish media. “All the doctors, not only ours… are not writing off Robert for this season. I think that Lopez’s statement is incorrect.”

Tuesday, June 14th 2011: Article from Autosport :

“Recovery is progressing positively,” Morelli told Gazzetta dello Sport. “The right leg is fine: if that was the problem, then Robert would practically be ready. No, that’s not our worry. The Italian GP is held in September, so it’s in just three months’ time, but we can think about the final race of the season.”

Friday, September 9th 2011 : Autosport article

“In October we consider that Robert can put a helmet on his head just to give a message of what he will be capable to do,” Morelli told reporters inside the Renault motorhome. “We are not talking of course of Formula 1 right away, but it is important that Robert can start to drive. Whether it is a simulator or a road car on a race track this is not really important – the important thing is the final step is achieved from a certain point of view.”

September 29th, 2011 Autosport article

“I often talk to Boullier: he’ll have an answer – whether positive or negative – by early November, when we’ll all have a clearer idea. I’m optimistic.”

And after all this back and forth we came to yesterdays team statement and Morellis reply today. And finally there was a Lotus Renault GP reaction today from Eric Boullier : “We agreed, because obviously Robert couldn’t start the season next year with us, or anybody actually, with Daniele Morelli to make a communication,” said Boullier at Interlagos. “So at least we could inform people about what is going on. He approved the communication so everything was fine. He approved it, and now he is upset with I don’t know what to be honest. I don’t want to comment more because it’s a waste of time.”

So if he approved the communication why is he telling that things are misquoted? There was a precontract with Ferrari in place but it ended in July and according to my knowledge there wasn’t a new one. There are some ideas on why he might do that. Get more money from LRGP on a contract extension with possibly no racing seat at all for 2012? Trying to show the world and other teams that the driver is still in the run for racing in 2012? Or just for taking time go by without committing? Remember what the team said ? Here is the statement … “Robert Kubica to miss start of 2012 Season”. They are saying the same thing. Is he complaining about the quotes of Robert “Even if I’ve been working very, very hard over the course of the last few weeks, I came to the conclusion that I am not yet certain to be ready for the 2012 season”? But he approved them …

Strange things


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