The night of the great Kimi return?

28 Nov

Well this could be the night!

Peter Winsdor tweeted 5 hours ago that "Some serious people on the flight from SP say that Kimi is shortly to be confirmed at LRGP…" while James Allen twitter minutes ago that "Sources telling me F1 fans should keep your eyes on Twitter and websites this evening for Kimi Raikkonen news…."

Is this the night of the great news? Kimi returning to F1 with LRGP?


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2 responses to “The night of the great Kimi return?

  1. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

    28 Nov, 2011 at 21:15

    It seems that the return is binded with LRGP and not with Williams

  2. krisgent

    29 Nov, 2011 at 02:37

    so is Robert -Kimi possible scenario or is it rather Kimi in Robert out? and if yes, then what possile scenarios for Robert are? Torro Rosso next year and RB in 2013? Ferrari tester and then racing driver or rather one seson lost… ?

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