Maldonado confirmed at Williams, and now what?

02 Dec

Its obvious that after the announcement that came from Williams regarding Pastor Maldonado and the fact that Valtteri Bottas will get track time for a 2013 race seat chance the other seat is “officially” available. There are two hot candidates for that, Sutil and Barrichello.

It’s a common secret that Force India has picked Hulkenberg and di Resta for 2012, so Sutil is looking elsewhere. This “elsewhere” is Williams at first.

Bob Fearnley the deputy team principal at Sahara Force India, said:

“I think it is only fair we deal, obviously, with the drivers. We have got three very talented drivers and we need to make sure that the one that is going to be disappointed has the best opportunity to position himself and that’s our priority. Once we are clear with all those programmes, Vijay will announce it.”

I think that Sutil is the wished person for the Grove based team. But they might be some problems.

Sutil may …

1.) … request an one year deal in order to have a shot for a bigger team in 2013 when some contracts will expire.

2.) … have legal trouble in 2012 cause to the incident in China between him and Genii Capital Eric Lux which has gone down the legal path in Germany.

3.) … have sponsor issues since Medion and Capri Sun are still at Force India and the team hasn’t announced their driver lineup officially. Notice that Lenovo who was Williams sponsor brought out Medion, so they might not be interested to return to the Grove team again.

It can be that Force India cannot announce their drivers since they may be working on “convincing” Medion and Lenovo that going to Williams might not be a bad idea. All of this in theory of course.

So at first we will hear from Force India the news as soon as they no “obligations” from their end. There was a rumor that Medion has a contract with Sutil and a contract with Force India for the fact that they would have a German driver in the team.

Rubens Barrichello seems to have created a sponsor package in Brazil to have a shot at the seat.

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