And now what for Petrov?

09 Dec

After the announcement of this morning with Grosjean taking the seat of Petrov at LRGP, the new question is regarding the future of the Russian in F1. Lets have a look at this options.

1.) Marussia : One would suggest that since the team is Russian driven that combination would suit. But with Charles Pic recently announced and with the stories that Glock would be free to go if he has an offer from a bigger team, I dont see how this scenario should work. Bigger team like Williams? On the other end Marussia would have to pay Glock out, something I dont see happening.

2.) HRT : Sounds possible. Even though Liuzzi has a contract with them. The team needs cash and the Russian can bring some money in.

3.) Caterham : Ricciardo is very close, but I would not rule out a move by the Russian.

4.) Williams : Its a long shot. Williams has other options and priorities.

If I would place my money somewhere I would have put it on HRT.


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4 responses to “And now what for Petrov?

  1. dhmhtrhs

    9 Dec, 2011 at 18:32

    δημήτρη ο vernge παίζει να πάει στην hrt ?

    • Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

      9 Dec, 2011 at 18:57

      Φαινεται πως η RB δεν θα δωσει αλλα λεφτα για να αγορασει θεση

  2. dhmhtrhs

    10 Dec, 2011 at 11:39

    άρα θα τρέχει τις παρασκευές στην str ?

    • Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS

      10 Dec, 2011 at 12:24

      Η απόφαση δεν έχει παρθεί ακόμα …

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