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HRT Official statement on Caterham

Madrid, 12th of December 2011

After the recent information appearing lately in the media, HRT F1 Team is obliged to deny that Caterham Technology and Innovation, a subsidiary company of Caterham F1, will be in charge of the design and fabrication of the F112’s monocoque.

Contrary to what has been published, the development of the car that HRT F1 Team will compete with in next year’s Formula 1 World Championship is being carried out at the team’s technical office in Munich by a team of designers under the technical supervision of Jacky Eeckelaert and chief aerodynamicist Stephan Chosse.

Despite the tight deadlines and a rule change for 2012 meaning that crash tests and chassis homologation procedures must be completed before any cars can test, the team is confident that the new car will be ready for preseason testing in February.


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From Saward on Force India

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