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From Saward on Force India

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Video : F1 2011 – Red Bull Racing – Milton Keynes Home Run with Vettel & Webber

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Martin Whitmarsh on the USGP and “promoting the brand” «

Martin Whitmarsh on the USGP and “promoting the brand” «

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Video : Grosjean speaks about his second chance

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And now what for Petrov?

After the announcement of this morning with Grosjean taking the seat of Petrov at LRGP, the new question is regarding the future of the Russian in F1. Lets have a look at this options.

1.) Marussia : One would suggest that since the team is Russian driven that combination would suit. But with Charles Pic recently announced and with the stories that Glock would be free to go if he has an offer from a bigger team, I dont see how this scenario should work. Bigger team like Williams? On the other end Marussia would have to pay Glock out, something I dont see happening.

2.) HRT : Sounds possible. Even though Liuzzi has a contract with them. The team needs cash and the Russian can bring some money in.

3.) Caterham : Ricciardo is very close, but I would not rule out a move by the Russian.

4.) Williams : Its a long shot. Williams has other options and priorities.

If I would place my money somewhere I would have put it on HRT.


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The Flying Lap by Peter Windsor – Episode48 – Luca Baldisserri

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RBR statement

Red Bull Racing can confirm it has served notice to withdraw from FOTA (Formula One Teams Association). The team will remain committed to finding a solution regarding cost saving in Formula One.

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Ferrari statement on leaving FOTA

Maranello, 2 December – Ferrari has informed FOTA President Martin Whitmarsh that it is leaving the organisation made up of the teams competing in the Formula 1 World Championship.

It was a difficult decision and a great deal of thought went into it. It was taken reluctantly after analysing the current situation and the stalemate when it came to debate on some issues that were at the core of why the association was formed, indeed with Ferrari and Luca di Montezemolo as the main instigator and promoter of ideas. It’s not by chance that the President of the Maranello company held that same position and job title within FOTA up to the end of 2009.

Some of the major achievements of the association during these years, also worked out in conjunction with the FIA, centred around cost reduction, which was of significant benefit to everyone, the big teams and the small ones. Ferrari was on the front line in this area, even before the birth of FOTA and it intends to continue down this route to ensure the sustainability of the sport in the long term. Now however, it is necessary to find some new impetus to move it along because FOTA’s drive has run its course, despite the excellent work of current President, Martin Whitmarsh in trying to reach agreement between the various positions for the common good.

Ferrari will continue to work with the other teams to make the current RRA, Resource Restriction Agreement, aimed at controlling costs, more effective and efficient, modifying it to make it more stringent in key areas such as aerodynamics, to rebalance some aspects such as testing and to expand it to areas currently not covered such as engines.

Formula 1, like the rest of the world in fact, is currently going through a delicate period. Ferrari wants to work with all parties for the future of a sport that expresses the highest level of motor sport technology. We must return to a situation where Formula 1 is really a test bed for advanced technological research, the results of which can be transferred to Granturismo cars. In addition, we must not forget that this sport must become more user friendly and more accessible to the general public and furthermore, it cannot be the only professional sport where it is practically impossible to do any training: the number of days of testing must be increased so that the drivers, especially the young ones who lack experience and the teams, can be adequately prepared, as well as providing more opportunities for them to come into contact with spectators and sponsors.

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Maldonado confirmed at Williams, and now what?

Its obvious that after the announcement that came from Williams regarding Pastor Maldonado and the fact that Valtteri Bottas will get track time for a 2013 race seat chance the other seat is “officially” available. There are two hot candidates for that, Sutil and Barrichello.

It’s a common secret that Force India has picked Hulkenberg and di Resta for 2012, so Sutil is looking elsewhere. This “elsewhere” is Williams at first.

Bob Fearnley the deputy team principal at Sahara Force India, said:

“I think it is only fair we deal, obviously, with the drivers. We have got three very talented drivers and we need to make sure that the one that is going to be disappointed has the best opportunity to position himself and that’s our priority. Once we are clear with all those programmes, Vijay will announce it.”

I think that Sutil is the wished person for the Grove based team. But they might be some problems.

Sutil may …

1.) … request an one year deal in order to have a shot for a bigger team in 2013 when some contracts will expire.

2.) … have legal trouble in 2012 cause to the incident in China between him and Genii Capital Eric Lux which has gone down the legal path in Germany.

3.) … have sponsor issues since Medion and Capri Sun are still at Force India and the team hasn’t announced their driver lineup officially. Notice that Lenovo who was Williams sponsor brought out Medion, so they might not be interested to return to the Grove team again.

It can be that Force India cannot announce their drivers since they may be working on “convincing” Medion and Lenovo that going to Williams might not be a bad idea. All of this in theory of course.

So at first we will hear from Force India the news as soon as they no “obligations” from their end. There was a rumor that Medion has a contract with Sutil and a contract with Force India for the fact that they would have a German driver in the team.

Rubens Barrichello seems to have created a sponsor package in Brazil to have a shot at the seat.

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Mark Webber looks back at Brazil ’11 «

Mark Webber looks back at Brazil ’11 «

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