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Will the recruitments help Ferrari?

We have witnessed lots of people going to Ferrari lately. I will stand to the last two namely Steve Clark and Hamashima.

Steve Clark has a lot of experience in his field and worked with Fry during their McLaren days back in 2002 to 2007 when Clark was the head of the test engineering at McLaren. From there on Clark moved to Mercedes GP overseeing the race and test engineering. With Fry moving to the role of the tech director there was a gap at Ferrari, the big Dyer successor was to find. I believe that Clark is the right man for this job and I count him to do well. Fry needs at this point people to whom he can rely on and Im sure that was one of his calls.

On the Hamashima call I think its an attempt to do a similar approach like McLaren did with Hiroshi Imai. Imai had left Bridgestone and joined McLaren in May 2009 and was suspected as the key person for McLaren success with the Pirellis. Hiroshi Imai is currently Principal Engineer, while Hamashima will be the key person between the tech director and the rest of the team who’s watching out this area. Another person who had a similar move but didnt had such an influence on the performance was Pascal Vasselon who left Michelin in order to join Toyota.

Dont forget that Ferrari has since last year Massimo Tammaro, former Italian Airforce pilot, who is working as consultant to improve intra-team communication at Scuderia. Will all those new additions clue together so that 2012 will be the turnaround year for Ferrari?

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