28 May

At the FIA’s Paris headquarters in la Place de la Concorde, I spoke recently to the FIA President about motor sport, the politics of motor sport and F1 in particular

The august offices of the FIA are undergoing renovation.  New floor tiles lie neatly stacked in the lobby entrance; workmen come and go, lugging timbers and assorted wiring through the narrow corridors and stairwells.

All, however, is calm.  There is a serenity that suggests efficiency-combined-with-pace.  Outside, la Place de la Concorde is still the centre-point of a world map you may like to draw, a cobblestoned tribute to architectural elegance that has transcended the ages.  The pavements are wide, the Parisiens altogether in a hurry: the homeless are not avoided but then neither are they indulged.

I am greeted by Norman Howell, Jean Todt’s urbane, multi-lingual Communications Director.  The conversation quickly turns to the nearby Jardin des Tuileries and…

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