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At the European GP in Valencia we saw the unusual circumstance of two ‘leading’ cars both retire within a few laps of each with a related fault. It was confirmed by Renault that there were alternator failures on the Renault Engines of Vettel’s Red Bull and Grosjean’s Lotus. Typically the alternator in a Modern F1 car is unseen and causes almost no issues, so this is an opportunity to look at this component and the failures in Valencia.

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As we remember the passing of the gentleman and racing driver who was Piers Courage (June 21, 1970), I make no excuse for posting my favourite magazine front cover:  and, yes, that is Piers’ wife, Lady Sarah, on his right!

Below: I took this shot of Piers in February, 1968 at Warwick Farm (Sydney, Australia) prior to an unofficial practice session for the Tasman Race.  Note Ian Geoghegan’s magnificent Ford Mustang and assorted Formula Vees in the background. Piers would finish a brilliant third on Sunday in his F2 McLaren M4A-FVA, beaten only by the Gold Leaf Team Lotus 49-DFWs of Jim Clark and Graham Hill


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Seb Vettel at the Late Show with David Letterman

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One only has to look briefly at today’s world news to recognize that most of us are extremely fortunate to be living the way we do, and that each calamity, both man-made or otherwise, brings with it its own story.  I make no claim here about the level of importance  of the current spate of earthquakes in northern Italy.  Having recently spent a few glorious days there in the spring, however, I can but feel a small part of the reality of the tragedy of the region.  Modena today is like a ghost-town;  hospital staff are being obliged to work in half-strength facilities. Buildings have been demolished;  people are living on a knife-edge, wondering when the next shock will arrive.

I hope our “Modena in the Spring” trilogy (below) – recorded with my friend and colleague, Nigel Roebuck, before the quakes – provides at least some of the flavour of…

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